Psalm 90:2

P1030314Before the mountains were brought forth, or ever you had formed the earth and the world, from everlasting to everlasting you are God.

Psalm 90:2 ESV


Quilt Tops Finished!

P1040339I have finally made some progress on two quilt tops that have been in the works for a long time!  The first one was mentioned here, (two years ago!)  and is a paper pieced string star quilt. The original quilt was supposed to have 16 of these large star blocks, which are about 22″ across, but after doing 10, I decided that was enough!  So 9 blocks are enough for a double size quilt, and I have one extra star.

P1040340The fabrics in these stars are just skinny string scraps, from all kinds of wild fabrics.  This style is reminiscent of the days past when you didn’t throw away any scraps, and just kept piecing them together.

P1040333But that’s not all–I have finished not one, but TWO quilt tops!  The second top was a “quilt-in-the-car” project (that dates back at least 6 years), so it features hand pieced black-eyed Susan flowers.  Now, before you say, “I could never do that”, I’ll say “Yes, you could!” Hand piecing is very simple, easy to tuck in your purse, and fills those moments when you have some extra time on your hands. After all, what did you do with yourself before you had a smartphone? (wink)

P1040335Though the flowers are hand pieced, the rest of it is done by machine, and it will probably be quilted by machine as well.  Did you notice the “eye” of the flowers?  It’s a 3-D yo-yo, made of brown fabric.  If you’re not familiar with a yo-yo, it’s a circle of fabric that has been stitched around the edge, then the thread is drawn up tight and ends up in the middle of a double-layer circle, about half the size of the original.  I did this because I was having trouble making nice round appliqued “eyes”, and I thought the yo-yos would add a nice touch.  And perhaps you did notice that some of the flower petals are mirror images of the other ones–this gives the quilt perceived “motion”, which is a good thing.  Makes your eyes look at it just a little longer.

So, what projects do you have laying around that need to be finished?  You’re a most unusual person if you don’t have any ….



I don’t know about tomorrow…

DSC_0578There’s a hymn we sing that begins, “I don’t know about tomorrow, I just live from day to day…”  I think that perfectly describes the past few months of our life in the piney woods.  Deborah is home after graduating from college in a flurry of fun, activity, and wistful recognition of the end of one phase of life, and the beginning of another.  We are enjoying having her home, but know that any day now, circumstances will call her away.

In a similar way, we have enjoyed the fruits of our labor in the garden.  Our peach tree had about a dozen peaches on it, which stubbornly refused to grow and ripen until July, when we had just about given up hope.  They ripened a few at a time, and there were several glorious mornings where we all had a peach for breakfast.  And then they were gone.

In the corner of our porch is a tidy bird’s nest, the temporary home of two groups of baby phoebes.  They were so much fun to watch as they grew bigger and bigger!  They obviously had very good eyes, because if I came too close to the window, they would sit very still and pretend they weren’t there.  And then when it seemed as if they would just burst out of the nest because they had grown so big–one morning they had all flown away.

It’s true that we don’t know about tomorrow, even though we plan and scheme and worry as if we do.  Our job is to enjoy today’s pleasures and blessings that God has given us, and do our best to glorify Him today.  The song finishes with the one thing we can know–“…but I know who holds my hand!”