Quilting Road Trip!


You never know what surprises may lay around the corner–or up your husband’s sleeve.  My Mother’s Day surprise was a day trip to Paducah, Kentucky.  My non-quilting readers may not see any significance to visiting Paducah, so let me tell you that it is home to the National Quilt Museum, as well as several great quilt shops (including the renowned Hancock’s of Paducah.)

So there was lots to do in Paducah!  We went to the museum first, and I was a little disappointed that pictures are not allowed–but not surprised.  My favorite quilt is pictured here, on the creator’s website.  It was much more awesome in person–my reaction was, “Now that’s a quilt!”

Here’s a link to the museum’s website that talks about the current exhibits.  Some of the modern quilts were not really my cup of tea, and in some cases I thought, “If it’s okay to machine quilt with slightly wavy lines, I could do that!” 😉  The second half of the modern quilts featured  the work of Emiko Loeb, and she makes some really cool reversible log cabin quilts.  This page on her site explains exactly how she does that.

Having made a few miniature quilts myself, I spent a good amount of time in the miniature quilt collection.  Some were so small and complex that they were almost too small.  I found a few pictures of my favorites online, but you really can’t appreciate the detail without seeing it in person from 6 inches away.  I got some good ideas on how to quilt miniatures.

Once we left the museum, we ate lunch and then went to Quilt in a Day, which is one of Eleanor Burns’  shops.  It features discounted fabrics, which was right up my alley!  I found several good pieces for baby blanket backing, and some other fabrics that caught my eye.  Then we went to Hancock’s–I was expecting it to be expensive, but I said, “We can’t come to Paducah and not go to Hancock’s!”  It has 3000 square feet of fabric, and does a huge amount of mail order as well.  They had several quilts hanging from the ceiling as samples–this one was my favorite:


I actually did purchase fabric there–some bolt ends that were discounted.  I discovered at checkout that this Hancock’s has nothing to do with the Hancock Fabrics in Texas.  The man at the register said his family had owned Hancock Fabrics, but several years ago they sold those stores, and now operate only the one in Paducah.

It was a great day in Paducah–maybe someday you can go too!


One thought on “Quilting Road Trip!

  1. So glad you got to go to this very special place for quilters! Looks like it was great fun, I can’t wait to see the fabric you bought.

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