Plaid Kaleidoscope Quilt


There’s a new quilt coming together on my design wall!  It is a kaleidoscope pattern done with plaid scraps and tan/beige backgrounds.  Here are my sample blocks: (Just an aside here–ALWAYS make at least one sample block before spending hours cutting out pieces for a whole quilt…because you just might change your mind, and make a pillow instead!)

I originally saw a picture of this quilt on Pinterest, and tracked it down to the original source here.  I was intrigued that it was made with thrift store shirts–if the price is right, I also look at clothing as a source of fabric, and have found some really good stuff that way!  I used two shirts for this quilt, but the rest is plaid scraps from my stash.

I want to give you some tips on how to cut pieces from irregular scraps.  Obviously, squares are not so hard, because you can just measure and follow the lines of the plaid.  Triangles, though, can be more difficult.  Here are some photos of how I manage this:

This first photo shows four random plaid scraps.  Once you confirm they are all wide enough for the base of the triangle, stack them with the bottom edges lined up, as in photo 2:




   After cutting the initial triangles, one of my pieces that had been folded yielded another triangle:


Obviously, if you have a larger scrap that you can cut strips from, your triangles will look more like this:


Notice that the very tip of the triangles is cut off–that’s okay!  There is still plenty of seam allowance, and the points will be trimmed away in the end.

So, there’s a look at true scrap quilting, not with fat quarters or yardage, but random bits left over from sewing garments.  These are the kind of scraps I have, and I do my best to save myself time and effort while cutting these out.


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