Spring has sprung!


Tiny daffodils (or jonquils, as my Mother called them) have been blooming along the east Texas roadside for several weeks now!  They are just beautiful.  I found these in a Wal-mart cart ready to be thrown out, so I rescued them.  I will plant them in the ground once they finish blooming.


This looks like a fall picture, doesn’t it?  Took this just a few days ago…it is a maple tree in full bloom, with lots of red samaras hanging off of it.  (Samara is the name for the winged seeds of a maple tree.)  It’s been fascinating to see maples in shades from gold to orange to red out in the woods.  We had good rains this winter, and I think that’s why they are showing more color than we ever saw before.

What’s blooming in your world?


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