Sunbonnet Sue and Overall Sam

I love Sunbonnet Sue and Overall Sam!  They were very popular patterns in the 1930’s.  Not everyone today likes them–here’s a funny post from Barbara Brackman about the difficulties in portraying her just right.  I posted awhile back about my Overall Sam quilt, but neglected to talk much about the matching Sunbonnet Sue.


This was made for my husband’s cousin’s first baby, and I had great fun using all my gingham scraps and finding solids to match for her bonnet.  Several years went by, and then baby number two came (who was a boy), so I figured it was time for Overall Sam to make an appearance:


Overall Sam was as fun to do as the Sunbonnet Sue, because I shopped for some tiny plaids to use for his overalls, and used scraps I had for his straw hat.  Somehow, this quilt ended up with more blocks than the first one–not sure how that happened!  Poor memory on my part, I guess.

Both these quilts were machine appliqued.  I used fusible web with peel-off paper on the back of the pieces, and then ironed them in place.  I stitched around all the edges with a black blanket stitch done by my Pfaff machine.  Then I quilted around the entire shape.


Give machine applique a try sometime, with simple shapes like these–I think you’ll like it!


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