Twin baby quilts


Several months ago, we found out that a friend at church would be having twins in the summer!  Then later on, we found out they would both be boys.  I mulled over various ideas for baby quilts in my mind, and finally decided to use up some of my plaid scraps with this pattern.  It looks easy, but you certainly have to lay it all out on a bed before you begin, to make sure everything’s in the right place!

This is the first time I’ve ever made quilts for twins, and I did not allow enough time.  The baby shower was here in a flash, and I only had one quilt done.  Rather than pull an all-nighter to finish, as if I were a kid in college, I opted for a “promissory note” advertising the delivery of the 2nd baby quilt very soon.  This went over well, and now quilt #2 (pictured above) is ready for delivery!  By the way, the twins arrived a week ago, about a month early, and are doing great!

The two quilts are not identical–same fabrics, same pattern, different arrangement, different binding color.  And of course, they are labeled on the back with the name of the twin to whom they belong. 🙂  It was fun working with these fabrics, some of which represent shirts I made 25 years ago.  Brings back good memories!


One thought on “Twin baby quilts

  1. LOVE it!! that is a great pattern!! And so much fun to use plaids. I so admire your quiltmaking ability!! And you bless so many with these wonderful gifts!

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