What have we been up to?

In my last post, I alluded to the fact that lots of changes have been going on around here–and that’s the truth.  After almost 21 years of living in the Fort Worth area, and my husband working with a congregation of the church there, we have pulled up roots and moved.

Where, you say?  Why, to Jefferson, Texas!  You mean you’ve never heard of Jefferson, Texas??  Me neither, until 6 months ago.  It is in far east Texas, almost to Louisiana, about 20 miles north of Interstate 20.  A lovely, historical, antique-y sort of place, with a really good barbeque joint.

So, here we are in a new (to us) house, in a new (to us) town, making new friends, and finding out just exactly where we fit into this picture.  Given time, I’m sure it will feel more like comfortable old houseshoes than a brand new pair of boots.

However, this post is also about a quilt……a complicated quilt, that I’d been working at off and on for awhile……..a quilt for a lovely baby girl, who was born the night we left town.  Was her quilt done yet?  Noooo, it was packed away with all the other belongings.  I had given her lovely mother a sneak peek:


and told her I would finish it as soon as things settled down.  Well, they eventually did settle down, and a deadline emerged due to an upcoming trip back to “Big Town”.  So I finished the quilt (finally!), and we were able to deliver it to the new family in person, which was infinitely more lovely than bringing it to the baby shower anyway.

I was honored to see that it was featured in this precious baby’s photo shoot.  I had given them instructions that it was to be used, not just packed away or used for a decoration, and I believe they’re doing just that!

P.S.  Yes, those ice cream cone shapes are the border of this quilt–definitely a challenge!


One thought on “What have we been up to?

  1. Hey! I changed computers. LOST all my Favorites. FINALLY found you and YOU have MOVED AWAY. Beautiful quilt!! Could you email me when you get a minute?

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