We made it through the first week…

Brief update:  a safe trip to Tennessee was had by both vehicles and the occupants.  However, it rained, so we didn’t get to camp out.  The positive side was that we arrived ahead of schedule, and were able to explore awhile Saturday morning in a TN state forest, since we couldn’t arrive until 1 pm.  This put a smile on Benjamin’s face, and eased his nervous feelings a bit.

Walking away from our boy wasn’t easy.  We knew he would be well cared for, and did not lack for anything, and we had good feelings about the people there.  Sure enough, he had a fun week of orientation activities, and is so excited about his classes.  I could hear in his voice that he is having fun, and is glad to be there.

Back on the homeplace…actually, I had a hard time singing at worship Sunday morning, without my “boy bass” next to me.  We’ve had various teary moments, and a day or two of moping, but in general I think we’re making it okay.  It helps to know that he is doing so well–I really want him to be there, and would not be so selfish as to wish him home.

P.S.  New quilt photo to come!


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