One day to go…

We are pretty much packed up and ready to take Benjamin off to college.  He contacted his roommate, and together they have a refrigerator and microwave.  I did point out to him that I had neither of these things when I was in college, along with no bottled water (except Perrier), no cell phones, computers, etc, and no Wal-mart!  How did we ever survive?

Sunday morning Benjamin led singing, and chose as his last song, “If We Never Meet Again (this side of heaven)”.  He made some appropriate remarks about leaving, and there were quite a few people dabbing their eyes in the audience.  Many of them remember when he arrived, only 10 months old.

It’s been a privilege in my life to get to spend time with this fine young man, and watch his spirituality grow and mature.  And what a joy it is, to truly know, as the song finishes, “I will meet you on that beautiful shore.”


One thought on “One day to go…

  1. I hear you are holding up well so far. Hang in there. Can’t say I know what you’re going through since I’ve only been on the other side. Just remember, he still loves you.

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