The pile grows ever higher…

…of things to take to college! I am trying to be minimalist about it, but on the other hand, I want him to have what he needs without having to run to Wal-Mart the first week of school. I am so much my Mother’s daughter–her approach was very similar. When I went off to school, I remember her buying a broom and such like, things I thought I didn’t need, but she thought I did. She didn’t want me to lack for anything useful that would fix any problem that came up.

I can certainly see how people could spend money right and left getting their child situated. At Wal-Mart, they had a whole display of microwaves, refrigerators, storage containers, etc., most of which were pretty high-priced.

One thing I thought would be good, is to leave enough clothes at home for him to wear during break times, so he won’t have to lug them home. Of course, that leaves out of the picture that giant bag of dirty laundry every college kid brings home!

Those of you who’ve had kids in college, what did they find most useful? Is there something they wished they had? And what did they take that just took up space?


One thought on “The pile grows ever higher…

  1. As far as appliances go, he might want to try to talk with his future roommate. No point in them both having a fridge and microwave.

    I will have to direct William to your blog because he would probably know better what a boy needs. What do you know about the dorms? Two thoughts in that regard: You might want to wait to buy cleaning supplies until you see the actual set up and even then, remember that he is a boy.

    This isn’t exactly a dorm story, but when Jeremy stayed his first summer away from home, his mom stocked his kitchen thinking he was going to be cooking for himself. In the end, we had a ton of cheapy dishes no one had ever used and had to clean-up rotten potatoes and onions from under the sink. Yuck!

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