I’m back…

Two weeks worth of camp laundry later, I am back in the blogging world!  Camp is fun, but after a week and a half I was ready to come home.  I even wanted to come home and be domestic and clean house!  Now the project of the moment is preparing our son to go off to college in two weeks.  We’ve never done this before–what will he need? What should we pack?  My motherly instincts want to prepare for any emergency that I won’t be there to fix for him.  I keep asking the college kids we know, “What’s the most important thing you brought to college?”  Naturally, I get widely varied answers.

Of course, all this on the surface is covering our feelings about this giant change in our lives.  The rational mind asserts, “This child is a gift from God.  He never was yours to keep, and now it’s time to let him go.”  But the tiny voice inside says, “What is life like without our boy?  Can we do this?”  Past experience tells us that nothing will ever be the same…but then, that’s the way life always is.  It just doesn’t always take giant steps.


2 thoughts on “I’m back…

  1. Having lived through this several times I will tell you that it will be such a wonderfully exciting time for your family. You will feel a depth of emotions positive and negative. Having several children I have noticed that the oldest one left at home suddenly becomes so much more mature and responsible and takes longer showers (first child rights). The whole family seem to go into mourning the first week. I did not expect this for some reason. I try to plan something fun for them to do. However, in the future your together times are treasured and enjoyed to a new depth.
    God bless you during this changing time!

  2. I can’t believe that Benjamin is going away to college!!

    I’m sure you are getting lots of advice about what he should or shouldn’t take. Let me just say that me and my roommate took WAY too much stuff. Each person needs some comforts from home, but don’t go overboard. And remember, there are stores where he will be. 🙂

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