Am I saving money or not?

Lately, I’ve been reading coupon saver blogs and printing internet coupons to help hold down the food budget. It occurred to me though, to wonder, “Am I saving money or not?” I can see how it is easy to buy something that I wouldn’t have ordinarily bought, simply because I had a really great coupon! And of course the idea of coupons for new products is to make you want to always buy it, whether you have a coupon or not.
Also, I’m a believer that the more “things” you expose your mind to, the more of those “things” you think you must purchase, even though you never knew about them previously. This idea is mentioned in one of my favorite books,  Scaling Down : Living Large in a Smaller Space by Judi Culbertson and Marj Decker.  They point it out rather succinctly:  Exposure Creates Desire.  The more things you see, the more things you want.  So I struggle with a balance between shopping around and using coupons to save money, and trying not to notice all those new things I didn’t know I “desired” until I saw them.  Because if I buy too many of them, I haven’t saved any money at all.


2 thoughts on “Am I saving money or not?

  1. i try to work according to the “cookie-jar” principle: allocate money in different “cookie jars” – so much for meat, so much for fruit & veg, so much for this…that ….etc…when the jar is empty before the month is empty – too bad…. one problem with my jars: they get swapped around! i.e. system not working yet… i don’t use coupons for a similar reason you mentioned – the coupons are normally for “wanted” things & not “needed” things; if you have a working system for budgeting, i’m willig to listen:-)

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