The Quilt on my bed

It’s summer in Texas, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have a quilt on your bed!  This is what I call a summer quilt–it has no batting, just a flannel backing.  This is also a make-it-while-you-travel quilt.  I like having some sort of handwork to do in the car, so I made templates of this pattern, got together a bag of red, blue, green, gold and brown scraps, and traced and cut them in the car (and got threads all over me in the process).  Then when I was home, I pieced them on the machine.  They aren’t perfect, but it’s a harmonious look for the bed, and it gives me a cozy feeling inside.  My daughter and I like to snuggle on the bed, look at books from the shelf next to it, and talk about our favorite fabrics in the quilt.


2 thoughts on “The Quilt on my bed

  1. sarah, sorry to hear about your mother….
    i found your blog through HEO; we have been using CMason/AO/HEO for many years – now my two are finished with homeschool – one graduated last year and one at the end of this year- DV.
    i started quilting a month ago:-) (first timer!), and am enjoying every minute of it; i am making an african quilt and want to use it as a wallhanging/headboard behind our bed… still deciding on how big it must be… glad i found your blog.

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