Make-it-from-scratch finger pincushion!

I do hand piecing of quilts from time to time, and always have a few extra pins to keep up with. For a long time I would stick them in my pants leg or the arm of the chair, but inevitably they would stick me back. So when I saw the pattern for this little pincushion for your finger, I thought, “That’s just what I need!”

The supplies you need are: a bottle cap, preferably one from a 2-liter bottle rather than a water bottle, a 3-4″ scrap of fabric, needle and polyester thread, a few cotton balls or batting, glue that dries clear, 4 inches of 1/8″ elastic or elastic cord, something to drill tiny holes in your cap.

Begin by drilling two holes in your cap, about ¼” apart. My husband ran off with the drill, so I couldn’t show you a picture of this part. Thread your elastic through the holes, try it on your finger, and tie a knot so that the knot is inside the cap.

Cut a 3″ circle from your fabric-a good stencil is a wide mouth canning lid. Use your needle and thread to sew around the outside of the circle, about 1/8″ away from the edge, leaving a tail of thread at the beginning and the end. I recommended polyester thread because my cotton thread broke when I tried to gather it tightly! Pull both tails to gather the circle up, and as you do that, stuff the cotton balls or batting inside. Tie a knot with the tails to secure it-now it looks like a ball.

Place the fabric ball on the bottle cap so that the gathered part is inside where the knot of elastic is. Spread your glue all around the outside edge, making sure to touch both the plastic and the fabric. Leave it sitting to dry (somewhere safe from curious fingers!). Remember, my model doesn’t have elastic because I didn’t have access to a drill. Now you are done!

Hope this is a helpful gadget for you, or perhaps a small gift for a friend!


2 thoughts on “Make-it-from-scratch finger pincushion!

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  2. Very, very clever! And I thought I was the only one sticking pins and needles into the arm of the sofa or the thigh of my jeans. Your little pincushion is the perfect solution. Thank you.

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