Frugal tip of the week

I’ve been toying with the idea of making homemade laundry detergent lately, and I know lots of people have blogged about that. One other thing I’d like to mention about laundry is that I truly love Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Day lavender laundry detergent. It has the most realistic lavender scent I’ve ever smelled, and it truly is aromatherapeutic. When I use it, I feel relaxed and have a smile on my face.

However, Mrs. Meyer’s detergent costs $11 for 64 oz., which is good for 32 loads. Ouch! So what I’ve done to make it last as long as possible, is to use it only for loads with shirts. That way, when we’re wearing them, we can smell it and feel happy! I don’t use it for whites or darks, because I’m probably not going to notice how they smell. I use the cheap dollar store detergent for them.

If I truly didn’t have the money, I wouldn’t buy it at all, but this technique helps me get the most “bang for the buck” and helps brighten my day.



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