I’m back!

I can’t believe I haven’t posted anything in 6 months! Obviously I don’t have as much to say as some folks, and it’s more fun to read others blogs than to write. But I think I can do better. My son says, “Write just once a week, Mom!” So we’ll see how I do.

My sister’s coming today! Ever since my sisters grew up, married, and moved away, it’s always been an occasion for celebration when they come home. This particular sister has been spending at least a third of her time, a week or so at a time, here with Mother to give us some time off and give Mother some more personalized attention. So…we see her a lot, but I’m still really glad she’s coming! We are ten years apart in age, but look enough alike that people recognize we’re sisters even when we’re not together. That’s cool, don’t you think?

The college search is on, the search for scholarship money is on–oh, and we still have our high school classes to do at the same time! The list of colleges my son is interested in is rather short–two to be exact–but that’s okay. His sister is just a year behind him, so we have to keep that in mind. I’ve told them all along, “It’s just a game. You play the game by their rules, and you can win, but it doesn’t necessarily have anything to do with what kind of person you are or how intelligent, or the really important things in life.” I read all the time about how colleges don’t pay as much attention to test scores, but when your son gets a 30 on his ACT, and they offer a full-tuition scholarship for that–I’d call that a great deal of attention! So the sister will be studying… Actually he’s still studying, because he took it at a residual testing center, and the score won’t transfer away from that school, and he wants to make an even higher score!

Time to go pick up the sister at the train station. I wish you all could see the beautiful house finch on the bush outside the window–I love birds!


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