Patchwork of Life

So this is the big wide world of blogs! Up to this point, I’ve only been a blog reader, not a blogger myself. However, I think I’ll give it a try. I chose “Patchwork of Life” as a title because I am a quilter, and I see many parallels between the stitches of my quilts and the stitches of my life.

Every time I make a quilt, there is something I wish I had done differently–not necessarily mistakes, but doing things the hard way when I could have chosen the easier route. In life, many times we cannot go back and change a thing, but sometimes a situation occurs again, and we have a second opportunity to get it right.

Every time I make a quilt, I learn better how to choose carefully the colors and fabrics, because a wrong choice can make a big difference in the overall effect of the quilt. Our lives are filled with many choices, and sometimes a poor choice affects all the rest of your life, and how it turns out.

Every time I make a quilt, there is someone or some situation I am thinking about as I stitch. It may be a new baby in the family, or it may be a tragedy on the news that I can’t stop thinking about. Those thoughts are intertwined with my stitches, and become a part of my quilt, so that I think of them when I see the quilt again.

May the stitches of your life and the patches you choose combine to make a beautiful life in the end!


3 thoughts on “Patchwork of Life

  1. Wonderful looking blog. As I read, I thought of many quilts that you have made out of love and thoughts. Keep on stitching away… You are making the most beautiful “patchwork of life”! I love you…Daddy

  2. Welcome to the blogosphere. I found you through a link at The Common Room, in case you were wondering.

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